Flexi-Deck Catering

Hygienic storage surface for glasses

  • Flexible PVC tile for bar shelves.
  • Hygienic PVC does not support the growth of bacteria.
  • Holes provide efficient drainage and allow air to circulate.
  • Simply interlink to cover desired area.
  • Easily cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

Styles Available

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Part Number Size Colour Weight Price Request
FD010001 30cm x 30cm (Pack of 9) Black 3.80 kg Request Price
FD010002F3 Female Edge (pack of 3) Black 0.23 kg Request Price
FD010002M3 Male Edge (pack of 3) Black 0.23 kg Request Price
FD010004 Corner (Pack of 4) Black 0.06 kg Request Price
FD020001 30cm x 30cm (Pack of 9) Blue 3.80 kg Request Price
FD020002F3 Female Edge (pack of 3) Blue 0.23 kg Request Price
FD020002M3 Male Edge (pack of 3) Blue 0.23 kg Request Price
FD020004 Corner (pack of 4) Blue 0.06 kg Request Price
FD030001 30cm x 30cm (Pack of 9) Red 3.80 kg Request Price
FD030002F3 Female Edge (pack of 3) Red 0.23 kg Request Price
FD030002M3 Male Edge (pack of 3) Red 0.20 kg Request Price
FD030004 Corner (pack of 4) Red 0.06 kg Request Price
FD040001 30cm x 30cm (Pack of 9) Green 3.80 kg Request Price
FD040002F3 Female Edge (pack of 3) Green 0.23 kg Request Price
FD040002M3 Male Edge (pack of 3) Green 0.20 kg Request Price
FD040004 Corner (pack of 4) Green 0.06 kg Request Price
FD060001 30cm x 30cm (Pack of 9) Grey 3.80 kg Request Price
FD060002F3 Female Edge (pack of 3) Grey 0.23 kg Request Price
FD060002M3 Male Edge (pack of 3) Grey 0.23 kg Request Price
FD060004 Corner (pack of 4) Grey 0.06 kg Request Price

Technical Specification

Material 100% PVC
Product Height 13mm
Operating Temperature '-20°C to +95°C
Resistance to Chemicals PVC is resistant to many different chemicals, alkalis and general industrial chemicals. PVC resists alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oils , weak acids, strong mineral acids and alkalis. PVC resists oil and grease if properly cleaned. PVC does not resist organic solvents, ketones, esters and aromatic hydrocarbons. Please contact us for more specific details.
Typical Applications Suitable for floors in work rooms and work areas where there is an increased risk of slipping
Installation Method Individual components that lock together to cover any desired length
Accessories Edges and Corners
Product Performance DIN 51130: 1992
Flame Retardancy Material pass UL 94 VO test
Country of Origin China


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