Industrial safety matting comes in many forms and has many different uses, our range includes interlocking rubber mats for additional flexibility when installing in difficult areas. Anti-fatigue mats are used by workers to make standing for long periods of time more bearable. They also increase productivity and reduce body pain in areas such as the neck, back and legs. Rubber matting is usually manufactured from either foam PVC, black rubber or nitrile rubber matting. Foam PVC is light, durable and cost-effective making it a great choice for small workstations or light use.

Rubber matting and nitrile rubber matting are good for large industrial areas where possibly heavy machinery is used or there is a lot of foot traffic or workers standing. Our range also includes interlocking rubber mats, which can give you more flexibility on where you would like to install.

Nitrile rubber has the added benefit of being resistant to oils and chemicals commonly found in industry. Anti-fatigue rubber matting has been proven in university studies to reduce the pain and discomfort experienced by workers standing in the same position for extended periods of time. PVC matting and rubber matting with holes is also good for areas where liquids build up from machine tools and drilling stations.