Dirt Trapper

A favourite for muddy shoes or paws!

  • 100% ultra-absorbent cotton pile surface lifts wet, dry and even greasy dirt.
  • Helps to prevent moisture and soil from destroying carpets.
  • Machine washable, it can also be tumble or drip-dried.
  • Resilient latex backing reduces mat movement on the floor.
  • Ideal for domestic and office use to protect floors.
  • Samples are available on request for pre-qualified leads and resellers only.
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Part Number Barcode Size Colour Weight Price Request
DT010008 6009801020198 600mm x 400mm Black 0.6kg Request Price
DT050008 6009801020198 600mm x 400mm Brown 0.6kg Request Price
DT060008 6009801020198 600mm x 400mm Grey 0.6kg Request Price
DT150008 6009801020198 600mm x 400mm Travertine 0.6kg Request Price
DT440008 6009801020198 600mm x 400mm Khaki 0.6kg Request Price
DT010009 6009801020013 750mm x 450mm Black 0.8kg Request Price
DT050009 6009801020013 750mm x 450mm Brown 0.8kg Request Price
DT060009 6009801020013 750mm x 450mm Grey 0.8kg Request Price
DT150009 6009801020013 750mm x 450mm Travertine 0.8kg Request Price
DT440009 6009801020013 750mm x 450mm Khaki 0.8kg Request Price
DT010007 6009801020280 900mm x 600mm Black 1.2kg Request Price
DT050007 6009801020280 900mm x 600mm Brown 1.2kg Request Price
DT060007 6009801020280 900mm x 600mm Grey 1.2kg Request Price
DT150007 6009801020280 900mm x 600mm Travertine 1.2kg Request Price
DT440007 6009801020280 900mm x 600mm Khaki 1.2kg Request Price
DT010006 6009801020068 900mm x 750mm Black 1.5kg Request Price
DT050006 6009801020068 900mm x 750mm Brown 1.5kg Request Price
DT060006 6009801020068 900mm x 750mm Grey 1.5kg Request Price
DT150006 6009801020068 900mm x 750mm Travertine 1.5kg Request Price
DT440006 6009801020068 900mm x 750mm Khaki 1.5kg Request Price

Technical Specification

Material 100% Cotton
Height 4mm