COBA Expansion Joints

The perfect solution for high performance floor tiling in a commercial or residential setting.

  • Our expansion joints are produced with certified PP/LDPE material to provide better impact strength.
  • LDPE insert is renewable / removable if worn or damaged.
  • Custom/branded punch outs optional.
  • Can be made in any colour required.
  • Locally produced.

These joints are typically used when laying tile floors to accommodate the ongoing expansion/contraction of the tiles through temperature and moisture changes. The primary function of the joint is to prevent cracking and/or loss of adhesion to the screed between tiles. Our unique material formulation provides a cost-effective alternative to its aluminium counterpart without compromising on performance.

Samples are available on request for pre-qualified leads and resellers only.

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Part Number Barcode Size Colour Weight Price Request
A1348- 2500 6009880587056 10mm x 2,5m White Request Price
A1346- 2500 6009880587063 10mm x 2,5m Light Grey Request Price
A1347-2500 6009880587070 10mm x 2,5m Dark Grey Request Price


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