Premier Star Gripper Plus Logo Mat

Interlocking carpet entrance tiles with durable logo inserts

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  • Closed Construction Premier Star Gripper Plus tiles.
  • Three surface options available: Berber Point, Alba or Woven Brush inserts.
  • Insert your logo with our Berber Point matting.
  • Interlocking entrance tiles designed for a matwell.
  • Solid surface tiles effectively capture dirt to protect interior floors.
  • Hardwearing matting inserts scrape dirt and wipe moisture.
  • The Nylon Pile of the Alba is highly absorbent and also withstands crushing.
  • With Berber Point inserts you have the flexibility to use it in any interior walkways or at reception areas to provide a total dirt-barrier solution.
  • Woven Brush showed no wear or tear after 100 000 scrapes with point weight of 2kg.
  • PVC base tile is manufactured from 100% recycled materials.
  • Suitable for high volume footfall in commercial locations.
  • Shrinkage may occur over time; especially when exposed to sunlight and cold environment.
  • Tiles simply clip together on site for ease of transportation and installation.
  • Move, clean or replace individual tiles – they clip together with ease

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Part NumberPSGLOG001Sizeper m²DescriptionClosed ConstructionColourVariousWeightPrice Request Request Price
Part NumberPSGLOG002Sizeper m²DescriptionClosed ConstructionColourAnthraciteWeightPrice Request Request Price
Part NumberPSGLOG003Sizeper m²DescriptionClosed ConstructionColourGreyWeightPrice Request Request Price
Part NumberPSGLOG004Sizeper m²DescriptionClosed ConstructionColourVariousWeightPrice Request Request Price