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Distinctive looped design matting

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  • The resilient vinyl loops scrape dirt off shoes.
  • Soft, compounded PVC looped surface traps dirt, debris and moisture.
  • The mat features a non-slip vinyl backing which keeps the dirt and moisture off the floor.
  • Can be customised with personalised logos or messages.
  • Choose from 20 colours (colours may vary).
  • Graphic inlay mats that doesn’t require any printing.
  • Please note sizes larger than 1.2m in width will have a visible join
  • Price is subject to change depending on the artwork/logo supplied by client, and the size of the mat. 
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Part NumberLB000005CSize1200 mm x Per Linear MeterColourWeightPrice Request Request Price

8 Pros of graphic inlaid  logo mats

  1. Due to your logo being made up of bits of mat material, it means that it is extremely durable against high traffic volumes and can easily stand the test of time, as the mat can be made of more hardwearing material.
  2. We have a wide range of materials for the base of your branded mat, as well as the stroke of your logo, making the graphic inlaid logo mat more versatile for different types of sites. If you have trolly movement or other wheeled traffic on your site, we recommend a graphic inlaid logo mat built of materials that would suit your traffic type.
  3. A wide range of colours are available to choose from, giving you the opportunity to create a unique and colourful mat.
  4. From an aesthetic point of view, a graphic inlaid mat will stand out and draw attention to your facility.
  5. Graphic inlaid mats can be made up of durable material that can withstand harsh conditions such as sunlight and other exterior conditions outdoors
  6. Your logo mat will be a unique hand-crafted original created by an expert cutter
  7. You can customise your graphic inlaid mat to the exact size you require
  8. Draw attention to your brand and emphasize brand awareness for your facility with a branded floor mat

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