COBAGRiP® Stair Tread Non Slip

Increase stair safety with non slip stair treads

  • Fully cover a stair area with an anti-slip surface.
  • Each stair tread covers the entire step area, overlapping the edge onto the riser acting as stair protectors.
  • Available in yellow or white, which both meet current Equality Act requirements.
  • Silicon carbide surface finish
  • The perfect match with our COBAGRiP Sheet.
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Part NumberGRP010131SSize3 m x 345 mm x 5 mmColourBlack/WhiteWeight6.6Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP010132SSize2 m x 345 mm x55 mmColourBlack/WhiteWeight4.4Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP010133SSize1.5 m x 345 mm x 55 mmColourBlack/WhiteWeight3.3Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP010134SSize1 m x 345 mm x 55 mmColourBlack/WhiteWeight2.2Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP010701SSize3 m x 345 mm x 55 mmColourBlack/YellowWeight6.6Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP010702SSize2 m x 345 mm x 55 mmColourBlack/YellowWeight4.4Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP010703SSize1.5 m x 345 mm x 55 mmColourBlack/YellowWeight3.3Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP010704SSize1 m x 345 mm x 55 mmColourBlack/YellowWeight2.2Price Request Request Price