COBAGRiP® Stair Nosing Anti Slip

Increase stair safety with highly visible anti-slip stair nosing

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  • Durable and easy to install on both existing and new-build steps.
  • A hard wearing, gritty surface available in bright colours helps protect against slips and trips whilst meeting the Equality Act requirements (DDA).
  • Manufactured with chamfered back edge for additional safety.
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Part NumberGRP010002NSize2 m x 55 mm x 55 mmColourBlackWeight1.2Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP010003NSize1.5 m x 55 mm x 55 mmColourBlackWeight0.9Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP010005NSize0.75 m x 55 mm x 55 mmColourBlackWeight0.45Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP010702NSize2 m x 55 mm x 55 mmColourBlack/YellowWeight1.2Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP010703NSize1.5 m x 55 mm x 55 mmColourBlack/YellowWeight0.9Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP010705NSize0.75 m x 55 mm x 55 mmColourBlack/YellowWeight0.45Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP070003NSize1.5 m x 55 mm x 55 mmColourYellowWeight0.9Price Request Request Price
Part NumberGRP070004NSize1 m x 55 mm x 55 mmColourYellowWeight0.6Price Request Request Price

Learn how to prepare your site for the mobility impaired

To ensure the safety of the mobility impaired, anti-slip products should be installed on stairs to safeguard that the surface is not slippery and a danger to anyone entering the facility. To accommodate wheelchairs the entrance should have a ramp that also has anti-slip sheets, to avoid slipping hazards and provide more grip for the wheels.

Choosing the correct glue

If you are not an expert, choosing the correct adhesive for your product and site can become tricky. We have created a guide to assist you in choosing the best solution for your site to ensure the longevity of your product. We also go in-depth on what other considerations to keep in mind when choosing your adhesive example: weather, temperature, surface, traffic type, and traffic volume.

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