COBA Care Trio Zone Disinfectant Mat Disinfectant Mat

Prevent the spread of walked in bacteria and infectious viral particles

  • Improves hygiene and contamination control by scraping, sanitising and drying the soles of shoes and boots.
  •  Loose lay on a level surface, no installation necessary.
  •  Light and easy to relocate.
  • Fill Zone 2 with COBA Care Disinfectant Solution.
  • Perfect for medium traffic, room-to-room contamination control.
  • Slip-resistant base, with beveled edges, to help retain position and reduce tripping hazards.
  • Material: Made from natural and recycled rubber, which is biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Product Height: 15 mm.
  • Mat Size: 395 mm x 995 mm.
  • Suitable for schools, daycare centres, small office blocks or home use.

Styles Available

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Part Number Size Description Colour Weight
CDM004 395 mm x 995 mm. Mat Black, Dark Grey, Anthracite
CDM005 395 mm x 995 mm. Mat Black, Dark Grey, Grey
CDM006 395 mm x 995 mm. Mat Brown, Brown, Beige
Parts Code1 Scrape2 Sanitise3 Dry
CDM004Scraper Mat BlackCushion Fall Dark GreyTrio Brush Anthracite
CDM005Scraper Mat BlackCushion Fall Dark GreyTrio Scraper Grey
CDM006Scraper Mat BrownCushion Fall BrownTrio Brush Beige

It’s as easy!

Fill zone 2 with liquid disinfectant.

• Scrape dirt off footwear in zone 1.

• Step into zone 2 to sanitise. Allow soles of footwear to immerse in disinfectant.

• Step onto the absorbent mat in zone 3 to dry excess liquid.