COBA Care Disinfectant Boot Bath Disinfectant Mat

Industrial grade hygiene mat that reduces footwear contamination, ideal to support COVID-19 protection

  • Durable, industrial grade rubber nodules deliver excellent dirt scraping and trapping action, while the deep well of disinfectant solution cleans and sanitises footwear.
  • 100% Recycled rubber.
  • Improves hygiene and contamination control by cleaning the soles of shoes and boots.
  • Loose lay on level surface, no installation necessary, and fill base with COBA Care Disinfectant Solution.
  • Combine with an absorbent mat to dry footwear when stepping out. We will gladly recommend the most suitable moisture control mat for your environment.
  • Ideal for heavy industrial environments where hygiene is important e.g. mining, construction, engineering and farming.
  • Slip-resistant base, with bevelled edges, to help retain position and reduce tripping hazards.
  • Material: Recycled Rubber.
  • Product Height: 55 mm.
  • Inside Tray Depth: 44 mm.