We have a wide range of decorative and durable welcome mats available, perfect for enhancing any doorway in your living space. We Offer Mats of all shapes and sizes that are perfectly suited to your requirements.

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Benefits of having Welcome Mats

There are tremendous benefits users can derive from using welcome doormats. One of the obvious benefits is to have a welcome mat for people to dry their feet off as they enter or exit a home. Protecting the internal flooring in turn. Doormats are built to be stronger & designed to withstand the weather conditions and traffic that comes over a doormat than regular flooring.

There is a wide variety of welcome mat options that goes with your home colors and style. Whether you want a solid color, pattern, camouflage, featuring a pet, or even an outdoor feel you can find a doormat that will meet your personal style. They are a great addition to the aesthetics of any home and provide a welcoming warmth at your doorstep.

How to clean your welcome mat

Each material would have a different cleaning method that is used to ensure the longevity of the mat. A coir mat would require a thorough vacuum to ensure dirt is removed where for other mats a simple pick up and shake out would do the trick. It all depends on the weight and how often the mat will be cleaned. Some doormats may be sensitive to harsh cleaning chemicals and can cause discoloration.

Read our full cleaning guide to learn tips and tricks on removing different substances from your welcome mat.

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