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Our safety matting range has been designed to protect individuals working in a range of different workplace environments from fatal accidents.

Safety matting can increase protection in any area, for employees and visitors, by providing safe footing and comfort. Many of our mats feature anti slip textured surfaces which offer added traction to prevent slip accidents. Another important feature of this type of matting is providing anti fatigue relief, which reduces the dangers of standing for long periods of time.

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Benefits of Safety matting

Introducing safety matting to the workplace can create a safer working environment and improve productivity. However, having the right type of matting in place is important for it to be effective. To solve this problem, we have a wide variety of safety matting to suit different applications and budgets.

For example, ESD Matting is required to protect individuals and components from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), as regular rubber matting won’t offer the same level of protection.

Industries such as food processing also require specific types of matting with anti-microbial properties, to cope with grease, oils, fats and detergents, to effectively keep employees safe.

Heavy industrial environments may require tougher rubber safety mats with higher anti fatigue ratings, to combat Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) from standing in static positions.

There are also safety mats designed for the leisure industry to keep the public safe from slips and trips at swimming pools and changing rooms. These types of mats are comfortable to walk on barefoot and reduce slipping on wet surfaces. Gym and weight room safety mats are designed to reduce noise levels, provide stability underfoot, and floor protection from machines and weights.

If you need help choosing the right matting, our handy Mats in Mind app is a useful tool that helps to narrow down the ideal matting options for your requirements.

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