Mats for Catering

Rubber kitchen mats are a great way of reducing slip hazards in wet areas as well as making working on your feet more comfortable.

Those working in catering, or in the bar industry, are especially vulnerable to the risk of slipping on wet or greasy floor surfaces. Our purpose-designed anti-slip mats significantly help safety underfoot. There are hygienic, anti-microbial options specifically for food preparation areas. Many of our mats also improve comfort providing fatigue relief for those who stand. They also help to reduce glass and china breakage.

Bar Matting

Bar mats are a typical piece of bar equipment designed to dress up the bar’s surface and catch drips when pouring drinks.

Bar mattting are long mats placed on the edge of the bar. Bartenders mix drinks on them. These mats can hold an adequate amount of liquid, preventing overflow by dispersing the liquid across its surface. No more wet bars.


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