Loose Lay Doormats

A clean and welcoming environment is essential for the success of every business.

75% of all internal soiling originates as dirt and grime brought in from outside on the soles of footwear. This results in rapid wearing of floor surfaces. Despite the superb wear surfaces that modern technology provides for these floor-coverings, including the fact that they are highly abrasion-resistant, there is no doubt that grit and dirt brought in from outside the building will adversely affect the performance and appeal of these floors within a short period of usage. They do need protecting with exterior and interior dirt-trap mats if they are to remain an attractive ‘welcome’ to the premises.

There are four important factors to consider when choosing a suitable entrance mat:- size of the mat, location of the mat, amount of traffic, maintenance.

When entering a building, most people will not stop and wipe their feet and resume walking. It is for this reason that the length and width of the mat should be large enough to cover the entrance sufficiently to enable people to walk off the dirt without intent. Official tests have proven that 6 to 7 meters is ideal for cleaning 100 % by just walking over the mat. Of course it is not always possible to use this amount of space. However, a minimum of three steps is the recommendation for the size of an access mat.

A dedicated area should be identified for an entrance mat. A recess at the entrance to a building is ideal as the lifespan of a mat laid into a recess has three times the life of a loose-laying mat.

Regular cleaning of matting is essential as the scouring effect of loose dirt will reduce the lifespan of the mat. A large amount of a maintenance budget is spent on labour. It costs less to clean and replace mats than it does to strip and wax floors and clean and replace carpets, particularly in respect of labour costs. An effective matting system will save both time and money.

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