The foremost protection against incoming soil and grime is access matting, but it is important to consider what type of entrance mat to install depending on the kind of foot traffic and weather influence.

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Exterior Matting Solutions

The size of the mat is important, because most people entering a building will not stop and wipe their feet and resume walking.

It is for this reason that the length and width of the mat should be large enough to cover the entrance sufficiently to enable people to walk off the dirt. Official tests have proven that 6 to 7 meters is ideal for cleaning 100% by just walking over the mat. Of course it is not always possible to use this amount of space. However, a minimum of three steps is the recommendation for the size of an access mat.

A dedicated area should be identified for an entrance mat. A recess at the entrance to a building is ideal as the lifespan of a mat laid into a recess has three times the life of a loose-laying mat.

After many years of providing quality dirt-trap matting to South Africa, COBA Africa has the answers to effectively counter all these problems with mats that ensure most of the dirt and grit is removed from incoming footwear before entering the premises. This is particularly important because people just do not wipe their feet before entering a shop or a building, even if their feet are wet or muddy because it is raining. A dirt-trap mat will go a long way towards alleviating this problem.

Add a normal regular cleaning programme, and you will ensure that the entrance of even a heavily trafficked environment will remain looking good for a long time.

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