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We have a wide range of industry-tested ESD matting, ESD floor mats and accessories to protect you and your electronic components

Industry tested ESD matting, ESD floor mats and accessories to protect you and your electronic components against the harmful effects of static electricity. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can be a problem in some working environments, and potentially damaging to electrical components. Floors, chairs, work surfaces and packaging can all create static electricity, which when released into an electronic device becomes known as Electrostatic Discharge.

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How do ESD mats work?

Antistatic or ESD Mats have a high electrical resistance, which allows the electrostatic discharge to “flow” across the surface of the mat at a slow rate – enough to get the ESD away from your electronics, while at the same time neutralizing what little charge inevitably does build up.

How to set up an ESD mat?

  1. Lay your ESD Table Mat on your workbench for general electronics assembly. If you are soldering or working with chemicals, ESD rubber mats are your best choice.  If your ESD mat is curled or rolled upon receipt, putting it outside in the sun will help it lay flat. The mat protects both the user and the component from static electricity by providing a route to the ground for static build-up.
  2. Connect your ESD Common Point Ground Cord to the ground snap attached to your table mat.  Connect the ring terminal of your ground cord to a nearby grounding receptacle.  This is most easily accomplished by placing the outlet cover plate screw through the ring terminal.
  3. Put on your ESD wristband and plug the coil cord banana plug into the receptacle of the common point ground. The Wristband connects the user to the Coil Cord. The Coil Cord attaches the Wristband to the Common Point Ground Wire. The coils allow for easy movement.
  4. Lay your ESD Floor Mat in front of your workbench. The mat protects the user from static electricity by providing a route to the ground for static build-up.
  5. Connect your Low Profile ESD Ground Cord snap to the ground snap on your floor mat.  Connect the ring terminal to a nearby grounding receptacle as described in step 2. Wear ESD Heel Straps when standing on the ESD floor mat, fitted to the user’s shoes to connect them to the mat. We opted to omit as long as safety shoes are worn.

The male stud is incorporated into the mat and attaches the Floor Mat with the Floor Mat Grounding Wire. The Floor Mat Grounding Wire connects the Male Stud to the Earth Bonding Plug. The earth bonding plug fits into a wall socket and is connected to the floor mat grounding wire via a stud.

Remember, keep only static-safe products in or near your workstation.  Any insulators or static generators should be removed from your work area or replaced with similar items that are static safe.

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How to test an ESD wrist strap with a multi-meter?

Use an ohmmeter or multimeter to determine if there is conductivity between the metal part of the wrist strap and the end part where you connect it to the ground. You should see some measurable resistance (indicating good conductivity) if the strap is functioning correctly.

 How to connect an anti-static wrist strap?

  1. Adjust the elastic band to the size of your wrist
  2. Place the wristband over your hand and tighten, ensuring the woven silver monofilaments are touching the skin
  3. Connect the cord onto the wristband’s stud
  4. Fit the other end of the cord into the stud on the ESD bench Mat

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