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Choosing your Entrance Mat

Ideal for all seasons and applications, from heavy-duty to domestic entrance mats. Our range includes contemporary and traditional designs to suit most budgets, with options in a wide variety of sizes, colours, and wear grades for indoor and outdoor dirt/moisture control. From custom made commercial entrance matting solutions, to cut to size entrance mats for mat wells, we manufacture your entrance mat according to your needs.

We recommend the most suitable commercial entrance mats, which scrape moisture and debris. Effective interior doormats and exterior doormats can reduce floor cleaning costs. Where there is high daily footfall, a more heavy-duty doormat could be required.

We have one of the widest ranges of indoor and outdoor entrance mats, including custom doormats, such as personalised logomats. Many of our entrance mats can be cut to bespoke sizes to meet your needs. We provide our customers with top-quality personalised doormats that stand the test of time.

COBA Africa also has a wide range of high-performance welcome mats to assist homeowners in keeping their homes dirt-free. Our domestic entrance matting range is non-slip doormats backed with rubber to avoid movement of the mat and assist in preventing tripping hazards.


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How to clean Entrance Matting

Each commercial entrance mat has its own unique cleaning method explained in our cleaning and maintenance guide. Cleaning and maintaining your entrance matting is of high importance when considering the longevity of your entrance matting and your budget. If entrance mats are properly cleaned the frequency of replacement won’t break the bank.  Should this still be a daunting task, we now also offer Cleaning Services for Entrance Matting Systems.



Want to know more about Entrance Mats?

Choosing the right Entrance Mat and Entrance Matting System can be overwhelming.  You need to consider where it will be used, how much traffic the mat will need to withstand, if it needs a logo, and the list just goes on.  We have compiled a few FAQ’ below to assist you with making this decision.


Can my Entrance Mat have may Company’s logo on?

Yes it definitely can!  COBA Africa has a wide range of graphic inlaid logo mats available to jazz up your entrance. Customise your entrance mat with your branding to attack footfall traffic and emphasise your brand.


What building regulations for public areas should be considered?

It’s relatively straightforward to ensure your building’s entrance meets regulations, especially when designing from scratch. The key aspect to consider in relation to entrance matting is floor level and ensuring a flush surface when transitioning from one zone to the next.


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Entrance Matting

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