We have a wide range of doormats available suitable for in doors or exterior placement. The rubber backing of the doormat prevents movement of the mat and assists in avoiding a trip hazard. Pets are notorious for coming inside the house with their muddy feet and creating a mess. A well-placed doormat will help your four-legged friends to clean their feet before they track mud, dirt and other outdoor elements throughout your home.

Door mats aren’t just preventing the dirt from entering your home, they also act as the perfect decorative element. You can use a door mat to welcome the guest or create a sense of style in a room. They can also be placed in the hallway which will brighten your home and create a new look. The importance of using door mats is something many people overlook but they are a very cost-effective way to preserve the life of your floors, keep your home clean, and add a warm inviting tone.

How to clean a door mat

The cleaning method will depend on the material you choose for your doormat. Each door mat has a different degree of tolerance for cleaning chemicals or sunlight. Some mats need to be cleaned more regularly than others as they would receive different levels of traffic.

Read our full cleaning guide to learn more tips and tricks on cleaning your door mat.

Learn more on how to clean a coir doormat by reading the ultimate guide to coir matting

Customised Doormats

Create a mockup of your personalised doormat to add your own flair to your entrance with our logo mat designer tool. We have a jet-printed or inlaid graphic option available to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

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