Within this range, you can find our loose lay disinfectant floor mat and our anti-microbial doormat.

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Disinfection mats – hygiene at every turn

During 2020, disinfection mats gained significant importance for preventing contamination. New technologies enabled these mats to provide effective shoe sole disinfection. These types of mats are being used in a wide range of environments outside of the more usual industries such as agriculture, food and pharmaceuticals.

There has been an upward trend for office buildings, public institutions and private households being more concerned about infection control in entrance areas.

How do disinfection mats work?

Unlike classic clean-off entrance mats, disinfectant foot mats do more than just remove dirt and moisture from shoes. They also kill germs and bacteria by disinfecting the soles of shoes, thus reducing the risk of contamination.

Disinfection mats have been used for a long time in agriculture, the food industry and in the pharmaceutical sector. These mats often have a foot bath filled with disinfectant liquid, similar to our Disinfectant Shoe Bath.

New technologies are making it possible to equip mats without the use of liquid. These new mats have antimicrobial properties, this is done through the use of a biocide.

Entra-Clean Hygiene + is the first range of entrance mats, with the active ingredient OEKO-TEX® an antimicrobial and virus reducing technology.

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Which disinfection mats for which purpose?

For use in the food industry (such as slaughterhouses) and agriculture, the use of a classic disinfection mat like Hygimat is the first choice.

Care should be taken to lay an entrance mat after the disinfection mat in order to remove any residues and moisture from the footwear. These types of mats are often installed on tiled floors, moisture under the sole can lead to slip accidents.

In the pharmaceutical industry and other areas, in which a clean room environment is necessary, adhesive mats (clean room mats) are often the preferred solution.

For public facilities and office buildings, we recommend the use of a doormat with antimicrobial properties, such as Entra-Clean Hygiene +. The mat offers a significant improvement in the fight against bacteria and viruses and retains its antimicrobial properties over the entire life of the mat. The low maintenance requirements and the attractive appearance make this doormat ideal for all facilities and companies that value a clean and hygienic appearance.

The contact between the shoe sole and the disinfectant means that dirt is fought quickly and effectively. We recommend the COBA disinfection mat for these applications.

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What is biosecurity and why is it important?

Biosecurity refers to measures aimed at preventing the introduction and/or spread of harmful organisms to animals and plants in order to minimize the risk of transmission of infectious diseases. In many industries, this is of the utmost importance, investing in your biosecurity is critical for national & international production & trade as well as for poultry farmers.


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