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Our range of anti slip mats have all been designed to help prevent slips, trips and falls in the workplace.

Non Slip Kitchen Mats and Anti slip mats are essential for workplace environments where liquids, oils, grease, chemicals and similar contaminants are present. For non slip matting to be effective it needs to be carefully selected for each environment, taking into account; surface finish, drainage holes, chemical resistance, and slip test certification. COBA Africa offers a wide range of non slip door mats for residential use as well, our doormats are backed with rubber to avoid a tripping hazard and removes moisture from shoe soles to avoid a slipping hazard.

Non slip drainage mats have a wide variety of uses. These mats are ideal for heavy-duty industrial areas, leisure areas where drainage is required, or even In farm stalls.

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Why Use an Anti Slip Mat?

The installation of carefully selected anti slip mats can help to combat workplace slips. Slips can result in serious accidents and seriously affect employees or visitors to any building.

Workplace safety is a continual concern and slip prevention is just one of the areas of focus for health and safety professionals. Accident prevention must be the first course of action for combating slips. Appropriate anti slip rubber mats can increase grip and safety underfoot in both dry and wet areas.

Our mats prevent slips in wet environments, as well as dry ones. There are many options available in terms of surface texture, drainage holes, tile options, anti slip mat rolls and individual anti slip mats – ideal for workstations. Different wear resistances are also available to meet different industry standards, such as engineering to bar areas.

A wet workstation will require a non slip mat with drainage holes, rather than a textured solid surface mat, such as a non slip Kitchen Mat. Swarf mats also feature within this range, with drainage holes that allow dry debris to fall through, preventing slip risks. Oily workstations will not only need a mat with holes, but also one that is oil resistant. Slips can result in minor and serious accidents, which can cause a loss of productivity.

Selecting the right mat for your environment can feel daunting, with the many aspects to taken into consideration. Our Mats in Mind app will help you to quickly narrow down the ideal solution from over 100 matting options.

Many of our anti slip mats also feature anti fatigue matting properties, which reduce fatigue from standing and offer prevention from further health risks, as well as improving all-round wellbeing.

What are the benefits of using anti slipping mats?

Floor safety mats are essential for most stores and businesses and provide benefits that go beyond function. The obvious one is that they protect your internal flooring from dirt and debris, but most importantly they protect you from slipping by removing moisture from your shoe soles. Businesses can avoid costly lawsuits and keep their staff safe with floor safety mats.

Some non-slip mats also have anti fatigue properties. These non slip anti fatigue mats can also assist with fatigue at the workplace where standing is the norm.

How can anti-slip matting be used in leisure?

During the holiday season, it is also important to ensure the safety of your guests or your family by investing in an anti-slip swimming pool mat. This anti-slip mat is the perfect product to be used in wet areas such as; swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, docking areas, changing rooms and non slip Kitchen Mat. The gritty finish of an anti-slip mat can assist in preventing your kids from slipping and falling while playing around the swimming pool. In moist areas, floors and other surfaces are likely to become humid and slippery, which may trigger prospective safety issues. PVC anti-slip swimming pool matting can reduce the risk of slipping around the edge of a swimming pool.

We have top-quality rubber matting for decking with drainage holes to assist in draining water and debris to provide safety against slipping hazards.

How to install rubber a non slip mat?

The majority of our rubber non slip flooring can be installed on a DIY basis. The surface needs to be prepared properly by following the specific rubber flooring installation guidelines. We recommend installing non slip rubber flooring on a level surface where dust and debris have been removed beforehand. If you are unsure of the surface of installation it is always best to contact an adhesive specialist.

Our team of experts knows the products inside out and can provide a rubber non slip flooring solution that suits your exact site and do a top-quality installation for you to admire your new rubber flooring hassle-free.

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