Are you working on a retail project where new entrance matting is needed? One of the key considerations is how quickly the entrance matting system can be installed in order to reduce down time, and limit the risk of disruption to sales.

The replacement of entrance matting is sometimes discounted due to the risk of disruption to sales hours. A closed shop is the last thing a retailer wants. However there are systems and products that can easily be installed in a few hours overnight.

Deciding not to replace entrance matting can also be damaging to sales, because it often gives customers their first impressions of a shop’s brand. If the entrance looks untidy and not well maintained it can leave people with a negative memory.

We recommend choosing the best quality entrance matting system that the budget will allow, so it lasts and continues to contribute to the overall feel of the store. Regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of the entrance matting, reducing the need for full replacements resulting in disruption.

Entrance matting is important aesthetically, but we shouldn’t forget the safety applications. Entrance Matting prevents slips and protects internal floors from dirt and moisture being tracked into the building.

Within our range we have a number of quick install entrance matting systems, which will reduce down time for retail environments. These are the top picks from our customer support team:

Tracey Recommends Premier Surface

“The great thing about this product is the fact that it has been designed to be laid on the floor surface, therefore no matwell is required.  Clients often look for an alternative option where there is no existing matwell area,  and when time, cost or location does not allow for one to be created. This is the perfect option.

This means that the flooring professional can speed up installation. Premier surface is great for commercial locations like retail spaces that have high footfall, the matting has hardwearing carpet inserts made from nylon that effectively scrape dirt and absorb moisture.

The bevelled edging and corners are designed to secure the product in place which have maximum impact, which is great for withstanding heavy shopping trolleys.”

Danni Recommends Premier Track

“One of longer serving product lines, Premier Track is our toughest entrance matting system without Aluminum. It has been load tested to 1,000kg, so it can withstand retail areas where supermarket trolleys are likely to pass over it.

Busy food and clothing retailers need a system that keeps the dirt and wet out, and allows them to receive daily deliveries without any hassle.

Because the product is a tile based system, large areas can be fitted easily and quickly. It also means that it’s simple to move and replace worn tiles as and when required.

Remember you’ll need a matwell to accommodate Premier Track as its 12.5mm thick.”

Chris Recommends PathMaster

“We introduced PathMaster into the range a few years ago, and in that time has become one of our more popular solutions for retail.

It offers an alternative to both aluminum systems and interlocking tiles, and because its rollable installation is normally a breeze. Order your mat to the exact dimensions required and slot it into place. This means less wastage too!

There are lots of application options with this product, it can be fitted into recessed matting wells or glued to floor surfaces, It’s even got its own beveled edging option.”

To find out more information about our quick install entrance matting systems contact one of our team +44 (0) 116 240 1161