COBA Africa has recently supplied a substantial quantity of Ringmats which have been installed at an internationally renowned Stud Farm. Varsfontein Stud is one of South Africa’s leading Stud Farms consisting of over 600 horses which require quality equestrian rubber floor matting for its covering barn. The matting was supplied to Varsfontein Stud Farm via Rubba Rubba, who was also the contractor who carried out the installations.

Ringmats from COBA Africa are manufactured from heavy-duty rubber with a luxuriously thick product height of 23mm. They are an ideal choice for demanding indoor and outdoor equestrian environments. The mats have a raised pattern, open holed top surface that provide both comfort and safety to horses. The holes provide a drainage channel and allow any debris to fall through the mat, while the raised surface gives extra grip to help horses have a safer footing. For this reason, they are also ideal for stable washdown areas.

The horses cover nearly three times a day, seven days a week at Varsfontein Stud. With the horses weighing over 450kg these mats withstand a lot of wear, pressure and action. There are a variety of sizes that the Ringmats are available in, however, they can be easily cut to accommodate any area size. With the Ringmat Connectors that are available, it means large areas can be covered and linked together to ensure the floor underneath does not get damaged by the horses.

Carl De Vos (General Manager):

We recently built a new covering barn for our thoroughbred breeding operation. The rubber matting we had installed on the floor is very practical as it is hardy and handles the wear of these heavy animals. It also provides excellent grip under foot so that they don’t slip. We are very happy with our choice and would recommend this matting in any equine establishment that may be looking for non-slip underfoot conditions for their horses.