Entrance Architect

Entrance Architect allows you to find the perfect entrance matting for your next project. Using a simple decision tree, with three easy to answer steps, we can narrow down your needs and recommend the most suitable entrance matting for your project.

Questions Designed to Walk You in the Right Direction

Entrance Architect features five easy steps to narrow down our product range to the matting which will fit your needs. Each question has expert advice to help walk you in the right direction.

Expert Advice Every Step of the Way

All the knowledge that our expert team have built over the years is available at your fingertips. Simply touch the information icons and understand how different projects need different solutions.

Search all COBA Products

All of our entrance matting solutions are available within the app, with the ability to access technical specifications and images for a more comprehensive insight. From here you can download our datasheets, request samples and contact the COBA Africa team for more information.

Get Inspired by Our Case Studies

See how entrance matting products can be used to create inspiring designs that really enhance a building at the point of entry. There is the option to view real case studies, highlighting how a product is being successfully used in a range of different environments.

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Get the latest floor safety articles, product updates and offers.

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