Super Contract Fall

Distinctive looped design matting


  • The resilient open loop design scrapes dirt from shoes allowing it to fall through the mat for easy cleaning.
  • Soft, compounded PVC looped surface traps dirt, debris and moisture.
  • Suitable for recessed matwells, featuring a non-slip mesh backing to prevent shrinkage.
  • Can be custom-printed with personalised logos or messages.
  • Choose from 20 colours.
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Part Number Size Colour Weight
LU061212 1.2m x 12m Grey
LU111212 1.2m x 12m Dark Grey
LU131212 1.2m x 12m White
LU411212 1.2m x 12m Mint Green
LU431212 1.2m x 12m Green
LU041212 1.2m x 12m Dark Green
LU021212 1.2m x 12m Blue
LU241212 1.2m x 12m Baby Blue
LU011212 1.2m x 12m Black
LU051212 1.2m x 12m Brown
LU231212 1.2m x 12m Gold
LU211212 1.2m x 12m Beige
LU101212 1.2m x 12m Burgundy
LU171212 1.2m x 12m Orange
LU261212 1.2m x 12m Pink
LU071212 1.2m x 12m Yellow
LU421212 1.2m x 12m Lime Green
LU181212 1.2m x 12m Navy Blue
LU201212 1.2m x 12m Purple
LU031212 1.2m x 12m Red

Technical Specification

  • Material:Vinyl loops
  • Backing:Non-slip mesh backing
  • Product Height:15mm
  • Product Weight:5.1kg/m2
  • Typical Applications:Interior or exterior entrances in a mat well or loose-lay with PVC edging.
  • Cleaning Method:Shake out, vacuum clean or wash with hose
  • Flame Retardancy:Bfl S1
  • Country of Origin:China
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Entrance matting or entrance barrier matting systems are used at the entrance to public buildings to eliminate dirt and moisture entering on visitor’s footwear.