Spectra Clean

Make an instant impact

  • The textured top surface provides outstanding scrubbing action, whilst absorbing moisture to save your floors from dirty footprints.
  • Enhance this entrance mat by inserting a custom-made company logo.
  • 25 colours to choose from (colours may vary).

Styles Available

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Part Number Size Colour Weight Price Request
SC010001 2m x 23m Black
SC210001 2m x 23m Light Beige
SC220001 2m x 23m Golden Beige
SC050001 2m x 23m Dark Brown
SC190001 2m x 23m Brown
SC110001 2m x 23m Charcoal
SC130001 2m x 23m White
SC060001 2m x 23m Grey
SC320001 2m x 23m Red Wine
SC310001 2m x 23m Dark Red
SC170001 2m x 23m Orange
SC100001 2m x 23m Burgundy
SC070001 2m x 23m Yellow
SC250001 2m x 23m Steel Blue
SC020001 2m x 23m Sky Blue
SC430001 2m x 23m Baby Blue
SC180001 2m x 23m Navy Blue
SC420001 2m x 23m Apple Green
SC040001 2m x 23m Dark Green
SC200007 2m x 23m Purple
SC260001 2m x 23m Pink
SC410001 2m x 23m Turquoise

Technical Specification

Material 100% Polypropylene
Backing Non-slip gripper back
Product Height 11mm
Product Weight 2.8kg/m2
Typical Applications Interior or well covered exterior entrances.
Cleaning Method Vacuum clean or brush vigorously on a regular basis.
Flame Retardancy Efl
Country of Origin Holland


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