Give your entrance that personal touch. By incorporating your corporate branding into a logo mat. Not only do you create an inviting entrance to your premises, but you are also reinforcing your branding and at the same time keeping your entrance clean. Promotional activities can be extremely effective when incorporating the promotion on flooring.

An important factor to consider when choosing the perfect mat for your premises is what it looks like. A logo mat gives you the opportunity to greet customers with your logo, slogan, welcome or marketing message.

Our large range of materials offer performance and appearance for various applications.


Ordering a logo mat can be done in three simple steps:

  • Identify whether the logo mat you require will be placed indoors or outdoors so that a suitable product can be selected.
  • Forward a high-resolution image of the logo in either a Corel Draw, EPS or PDF file format to us.
  • Our Graphic Designer will prepare a mock-up of the logo mat which will be emailed to you.
  • Upon receipt of the approved mock-up and order, manufacturing can commence.

It is possible that due to the size of the mat or the complexity of the logo, the logo may need to be modified by our Graphics Designer.

Please also consider the colours required for a logo mat. The largest range of colours you will find amongst our products will be in Cushion Fall, Super Contract Fall and Spectra Clean. Alternatively the process of printing or flocking a logo will also offer a larger colour choice.

Logo’s can be incorporated into a mat in a variety of ways. The method used will depend on a number of factors:

  • Application of the logo mat will determine what product to select.
  • Complexity of the logo.
  • Variety of colours required in the logo.

A cut-out method of inserting logos is used in the following products: Berber Point, Spectra Clean, Polyrib, Trio Scraper, Trio Brush, Cushion Fall and Super Contract Fall. Essentially colours are cut into the base material ensuring a long lasting logo.

Logo’s are printed onto cut-pile Nylon mats. Choose from a standard range of 16 colours or an additional 24 colours at a slightly higher cost. Printing onto PVC tiles is particularly effective for exhibitions or for promotional activities. Superior, photo-realistic images are printed onto the tiles with superb clarity and detail.

Flocking, which is a method of applying fine polyamide fibres to an adhesive coated surface with the use of electromagnetic fields, is an attractive and superior choice for adding a logo to a mat. The somewhat velvet feel and elevated look of the logo makes it a high quality alternative choice for the discerning property owner. This process is most effective when applied directly to a consistently even surface such as Wash & Clean, Fibregrass, Topline or as an insert block logo into most other polypropylene based products. See the logo mats which are produced by our sister company Debomat in Belgium.

Remember, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression!’