COBA employees have helped the New Year get off to a fabulous start for one needy crèche in Cape Town, South Africa by donating to their Christmas Toy Appeal. Thanks to the generosity of colleagues throughout the COBA International group of companies, a fantastic £300 was raised to buy the young children presents at SIKHULISA’S Toy Top Crèche.

Cape Town based COBA Plastics (Pty) Ltd even managed to organise a visit by Santa, complete with ‘assistant COBA Elf’ in the shape of Mfundo (who helped with the translation), to hand out the gifts which they had wrapped for the children!

The money raised was used to buy fun, yet educational items such as chalk boards, puzzles, alphabet shape boards and books.

The children were completed overawed. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they were each given a beautifully wrapped present by a rather familiar looking Santa to take home – in fact, they have so little they didn’t even initially know how to unwrap the presents and simply held on to them in amazement,” says Quality Systems Manager – Peter Farquhar of COBA Plastics (Pty) Ltd.

The whole company joined in the spirit of the occasion which was wonderful and a huge thank you to all those who so generously donated to this cause. As Charlene Petzer, Financial Manager – COBA Plastics (Pty) Ltd says, “Truly amazing, it will help these children more than we can ever imagine, thank you to everyone.