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Cleaning Services – Entrance Matting Systems

Entrance matting systems are a crucial barrier against dirt and grime for any commercial or industrial building, and it is, therefore, important to keep these entrance matting systems clean to work effectively. Not only will cleaning these systems make them look like new, but it will also extend the life span of these systems.

We have teamed up with specialists in the industry to provide you with a Maintenance cleaning service or a Restoring cleaning service. To learn more about these services, take a look at the below information.

To book your Cleaning appointment contact us directly at the below details or complete the form.



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    How does it work?

    By completing the above form, we will have all of the information to assist you. It is important for us to know which Entrance Matting System you have and the size of this entrance matting system in m2. By adding in images of the entrance matting, we are able to see if this will be a maintenance cleaning service or a restoration cleaning service.

    Once we have cleaned the entrance matting system, this area will only need to be free of traffic for 1 hour to ensure proper drying. You can also make specific arrangements with us to come after hours or at a specific time, should you not be able to close off the entrance during the cleaning service.

    What we need from you:Before Cleaning commence:After Cleaning commenced:
    – Type of Entrance Matting System
    – Size of Entrance Matting System in m2
    – Detailed images of the Entrance Matting System
    – Entrance needs to be blocked off
    – Access to phase power
    – Arrangements with Centre Management
    – Keep area traffic-free for 1 Hour
    – Air-flow to assist with drying


    What is Maintenance cleaning?

    Our maintenance cleaning plan consists of mechanical and chemical cleaning that is done on a more regular basis. This is a more cost-effective option to go for and it will keep your Entrance Matting System looking clean and refreshed. Guaranteed mat life span improvement.


    What is Restorative cleaning?

    With a restorative cleaning session, specialist chemicals are applied to your Entrance Matting System coupled with multiple mechanical passes, releasing stubborn dirt packed on the carpet pile. We focus on stain removal, stubborn dirt and grime removal, chewing gum removal, etc. This restores your Entrance Matting System’s colour and lifts the piles.

    What about your Entrance’s surroundings?

    Of course, your Entrance Matting Systems will become dirty again as this is the purpose of Entrance Mats – to trap in dirt and grime. By keeping the environment around your entrance clean, you will also keep your entrance matting systems clean. Contact us today to find out more about this service.


    What does it cost?

    Cleaning ServiceCost per m2.  Excl. VAT
    Maintenance Clean
    Mechanical and chemical clean at regular intervals to improve mat life span.T’s & C’s Apply.  Approximate costing.
    Restorative Clean
    Specialist deep clean process focused on mechanical, specific chemical & labour
    in order to restore matting unit. Spot/stain/ chewing gum removal.T’s & C’s Apply.  Approximate costing.



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