It’s been quite a project but we are finally CPD approved and already presenting up a storm.  Our latest CPD Presentation session was with Sage Architects in Linksfield. We thoroughly enjoying meeting new Architects and sharing our knowledge on why Entrance Matting Systems are such an integral part of any Building’s entrance.

Sandisha, from COBA Africa, was able to meet and interact with the following architects from Sage Architects – Joanna Thomson, Desire Di Bon, Robyn Krause, Preciosa Nunes Coetzee, Binaica Morar, Nicholas Abrahams and Dewald Le Roux (Pictures Attached). A very enthusiastic, friendly and engaging group of Architects.

A leading architectural Firm

Sage Architects (Pty) Ltd, based in Edenvale, Gauteng, is a leading architectural firm serving Gauteng and South Africa. Under the direction of Timothy Johnson, the firm specialises in a wide range of architectural services, from large-scale commercial and industrial projects to residential extensions, renovations, and boundary walls.

With a global perspective, Timothy Johnson’s experience spans both South Africa and international markets, having worked in Dublin, Ireland, and collaborated with a Vancouver-based geotechnical and structural engineering firm.

Sage Architects has earned acclaim for their expertise in car showroom design, evident in recent projects like the Toyota – Potgietersus and Nissan Car Dealership renovations in Bloemfontein, as well as the revitalisation of the Suzuki Car Dealership. Managing construction phases for VW Dealerships and spearheading new developments for various dealerships further demonstrate their prowess.

The firm’s capabilities extend to diverse scales, encompassing transformations like House Kaftel’s interior renovation and initial site inspections for House Gibbs – McGregor. Noteworthy residential accomplishments include renovating House Haddow and creating new homes like House Croft in Linksfield North, along with innovative conversions such as turning a double garage into a cottage for House Noble.

Sage Architects’ dynamic portfolio showcases their ingenuity, positioning them as a standout presence in the architectural landscape.

Booking your CPD Presentation session

Sandisha Juggpall joined the COBA Africa team in February this as the Product specification specialist.  She heads up all of our CPD Presentations, whether in person or online. Informative, interactive and personal – by the end of your sessions, you will be able to specify Entrance Matting Systems with confidence!

Contact us today to book your CPD Presentation with Sandisha or complete this online form if you are interested in attending a CPD Presentation at our premises.

Sandisha Juggpall

Product Specification Specialist

Architectural Specifications and CPD Presentations

Sandisha Juggpall