Are your wooden floors taking a beating from your home gym equipment? Chantelle faced this exact problem until she discovered the perfect solution from COBA Africa – our COBA 5mm speckled rubber matting.

Protect Your Floors and Boost Your Workout Experience

Designed specifically for indoor use, our speckled rubber mat offers a range of benefits essential for any home gym. With elasticity, sound absorption, shock absorption, skid resistance, abrasion resistance, and excellent tensile properties, this mat ensures both the safety of your floors and your comfort during workouts.

What sets our speckled rubber mat apart is its exceptional impact durability and skid resistance, whether your floors are wet or dry. Made from high-quality EPDM rubber particles and SBR rubber particles, each mat undergoes rigorous processes of high temperature, pressure, and cutting, resulting in a durable product with a rich color selection and long lifespan.

Concerned about eco-friendliness? Rest assured, our speckled rubber matting is crafted from environmentally friendly materials, ensuring no irritation to your senses while you exercise. Ideal for gym applications, our speckled rubber mat comes in two sleek colour combinations – black/blue and black/grey – allowing you to customise your home gym to your preference.

Transform your home gym experience with COBA Africa’s rubber matting. Say goodbye to floor damage and hello to enhanced safety and performance during your workouts. Contact us today to set up your Home Gym Flooring!

Arjen Visscher

Arjen Visscher

Sales Account Manager

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