Metro Namibia, a prominent retail force with over 23 stores, is dedicated to providing consumers with a diverse product selection and competitive pricing. Embracing the ethos of trust and quality, Metro Namibia has partnered with COBA Africa, a leading matting company specialising in entrance matting systems and logo mats. This collaboration is underscored by COBA Africa’s commitment to excellence, epitomised in their Trio Scraper® Entrance Mat – the preferred choice for Metro Namibia’s entrance spaces.

The Perfect Fit

Strymar Trading facilitated the introduction of COBA Africa to the Metro group, recognising the synergy between COBA’s ethos encapsulated in the slogan “A brand you can trust” and Metro Namibia’s values. In line with this alliance, Metro Namibia has chosen the Trio Scraper logo mat, a testament to its exceptional performance and brand-enhancing capabilities.

Trio Scraper® Entrance Mat Features:

1. Superior High-Traffic Matting: Engineered for high-traffic environments, the Trio Scraper mat ensures durability and functionality in commercial spaces.

2. Versatile Installation Options: Whether installed in recessed mat wells or laid loosely with bevelled edging, this mat adapts to diverse entrance configurations.

3. Safety First: The anti-slip latex backing guarantees a secure footing, contributing to a safer environment for customers and staff alike.

4. Customisation: Available with optional edging and colours specified with each order, the Trio Scraper mat allows businesses to tailor their entrance aesthetic.

Logo Mat Excellence:

In addition to its functional prowess, the Trio Scraper Logo Mat with the Spectra Clean logo insert stands out as a beacon of brand representation. This variant combines the superior features of the Trio Scraper with the added advantage of high-quality graphic inlay logo mats in customisable designs. The Spectra Clean Entrance Carpet ensures a visually appealing entrance while maintaining the mat’s durability and performance.

Spectra Clean Entrance Carpet Features:

1. High-Quality Print Logo Mats: Bring your brand to life with stunning, custom-designed logo mats.

2. Rugged Matting Material: UV and stain-resistant, ensuring longevity and vibrant colour retention.

3. Logomat Designs: Choose from 18 colours to recreate your unique design, enhancing brand visibility.

4. Durable Construction: Heavyweight pile and large nib design provide outstanding scrubbing action, ensuring effective dirt and moisture removal.

5. British Craftsmanship: Logomats made in Britain with needle punch construction for optimal crush resistance.

6. Cost-Effective Installation: Low installation cost for businesses seeking a high-impact branding solution.

Tailored Solutions for any Business

Elevate your business entrance with Metro Namibia’s strategic choice of COBA Africa’s Trio Scraper® Logo Mats. Beyond functionality, these mats are a canvas for brand expression, ensuring a welcoming and memorable experience for customers entering Metro Namibia’s stores. Trust in quality, trust in COBA Africa. Contact the COBA Africa team today to specify the correct Logo Mat for your business.

Arjen Visscher

Arjen Visscher

Sales Account Manager

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