Entrance Matting Systems at Retail Centres

We teamed up with Bau Africa, the head architects on this project, and WF Kroon Projects in specifying new Entrance Matting Systems at The Grove Mall. Housing over 100 retails, The Grove Mall has a high foot count and it was, therefore, essential to specify an Internal and External Entrance Matting System that will be able to take the punch.

From Fashion and Footwear to Fine Dining and Entertainment, you are able to experience it all. With the recent upgrade and addition of Checkers, it was the ideal opportunity to upgrade the Entrance Matting Systems at Entrance 5.

The Grove Mall - Trio Scraper Entrance Matting
Interior – Trio Scraper Anthracite
The Grove Mall - Premier Track Entrance Matting
Exterior – Premier Track Anthracite
The Grove Mall - Premier Track Entrance Matting
Exterior – Premier Track Anthracite

The importance of Entrance Matting Systems

It might seem excessive to install both interior and exterior Entrance Matting Systems, but each of these has its own purpose. Exterior walk-off mats are typically used to help remove dirt, debris, and the first layer of moisture from the bottom of shoes before people enter the building. Being exposed to harsh weather conditions these mats need to be made of durable hardwearing material such as rubber.

The Premier Track Range is exceptionally durable inserts manufactured from ECONYL®, a recycled nylon material made from discarded fishing nets and other sources. Part of our EasyInstall® range, you can easily remove, add or replace any of the Premier Track tiles as needed.

An Interior walk-off mat normally has higher scraping and absorbing abilities to remove the remainder of moisture and debris. These mats are usually made of polypropylene which is known for its scraping capabilities. With both Interior and Exterior Entrance Matting, it is important to choose the option that will be able to handle estimated traffic.

Our Trio Scraper® Entrance matting range is a superior high-traffic entrance mat, making this the ideal option for high-volume footfall. The anti-slip latex backing reduces the possibility of slips and trips and can be used as a loose lay mat with bevelled edges or in a recessed mat well.

Choosing the RIGHT Entrance Matting Systems

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Contact our team of specialists and let them assist in specifying the Right Mat, the First Time.

Well done Team!

Well done Hubert, the team from WF Kroon Projects, and Heino van Rooyen from Bau Africa on the fantastic outcome. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Hubert Grobler

Hubert Grobler

Sales Account Manager

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