Personalised Logomats for any Business

Any business needs a doormat or entrance mat, so why not brand it with your logo?  Think about it, from the first moment a customer walks into your building, they will feel welcomed by your business and your brand. After all, first impressions last.

At Skukuza Golf Club, guests are now welcomed with by branded Spectra Clean logo mats. This logo mat is made of 4 simple colours – Grey, Black, Gold, and a touch of Charcoal for a bit of definition. All the colours that are needed to replicate their logo were used, paired with an offset of grey. For such a high-traffic area, the Spectra Clean logomat will do just the trick in keeping their entrance clear from dirt and moisture.

Gold Spectra Clean
Spectra Clean – Gold
Black Spectra Clean
Spectra Clean – Black
Charcoal Spectra Clean
Spectra Clean – Charcoal
Grey Spectra Clean
Spectra Clean – Grey

The perfect solution – Spectra Clean logo mats

The textured top of a Spectra Clean logo mat provides outstanding scrubbing action, ensuring your entrance remains clean and free of moisture.  Did you know that a Spectra Clean logo mat can absorb up to 1.5 litres per square metre? This is going to have a massive reduction in your cleaning time. Backed with PVC, this logomat will not slip and is extremely durable.

With 25 colours of Spectra Clean matting available, we are able to re-create any logo into a functional logomat. So, make your entrance and brand stand out and order your logomat today, ensuring every visit leaves a lasting impression.

Skukuza Golf Club_Spectra Clean logomat

Design it yourself!

Linda, our Logomat Desginer, has been with the company for 5 years and has truly mastered the art of logomats. Once he created the full-scale design, it gets prepped, and he then sends it through for production.

Not sure if a logo mat is what you or your business needs? Then take a look at our Logo Mat Designer application, created specifically for you to create your own logomat before you make any big decisions.

Well done Team!

Well done Linda ??. Your logomat recreations never disappoint. And thank you, Hubert Grobler and Tyler Dolman for the successful completion of this order!

Order your Logomat with our Sales team today.