In a bid to further empower professionals across various industries, COBA Africa proudly announces its accreditation as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider. With this endorsement, we recently presented our CPD Presentation on Entrance Matting Systems to SVA International, exploring their myriad benefits and the critical importance of selecting the right system for optimal performance.

Who is SVA International?

Establishing itself in 1943 as Stauch and Partners under the visionary architect Hellmut Stauch, SVA International marked a pivotal moment in architectural history. Trained in the Ittenschulle, an offshoot of the famed Bauhaus school, Stauch introduced a fresh perspective and innovative ethos to architectural practice.

In the 1940s and ’50s, Stauch emerged as a central figure in the Pretoria Regionalism movement, leaving an indelible mark as both an educator and practitioner. His prolific output in domestic architecture not only showcased his talent but also laid the groundwork for substantial commissions to come.

Inspired by Modernism and the Brazilian architectural scene, Stauch’s projects exhibited a deep concern for local context, emphasizing material efficiency and functional elegance. This comprehensive approach resonated with clients, propelling Stauch Vorster Architects into a national powerhouse, with a strong presence in major urban hubs.

Over nearly eight decades, SVA International has evolved, expanding its reach across Southern, Western, and Eastern Africa, facilitating projects continent-wide. This expansive footprint underscores its ability to engage with diverse contexts and communities throughout Africa.

Entrance Matting System CPD Sessions

Entrance matting is more than just a floor covering; it’s a strategic investment with multifaceted advantages. COBA Africa’s CPD presentations delve into the comprehensive spectrum of entrance matting solutions, ranging from versatile interlocking tiles to robust aluminum options. Regardless of the application, be it commercial, industrial, or institutional, COBA Africa offers tailored solutions to meet every need.

The CPD-approved sessions meticulously outline the benefits of proper entrance matting systems. From enhancing safety by minimizing slips and trips to safeguarding interior flooring against dirt and moisture ingress, the advantages are manifold. Additionally, COBA Africa’s presentations shed light on the risks associated with installing an incorrect entrance matting system, including compromised safety, decreased longevity of flooring, and potential legal liabilities.

With COBA Africa’s expertise and diverse range of entrance matting solutions, professionals gain invaluable insights into selecting the most suitable system for their specific requirements. Whether it’s a high-traffic commercial entrance or an industrial facility prone to contaminants, COBA Africa ensures that every client receives tailored guidance to make informed decisions.

Our CPD Presentation at SVA International

During a recent CPD presentation at SVA International in Rosebank, we had the pleasure of engaging with architects including Bobo Motha, Melinda Chidau, Hanna-Marie Lindeque, Rose Fernandes, Neetesh Ramnath, Katlego Sebate, Xandrin Dirks, Richard De Klerk, Lebohang Letsoisa, and Andrew Herbert. Special thanks to Richard De Klerk for the opportunity and to the entire team for their warm hospitality, making the presentation an enriching and enjoyable experience.

Booking your CPD Session

In a rapidly evolving professional landscape, continuous learning is paramount. COBA Africa’s CPD-approved presentations not only enrich professional knowledge but also contribute to enhancing safety, efficiency, and longevity in various workplace environments. Embrace the opportunity to stay ahead in your field with COBA Africa’s comprehensive entrance matting education.

For professionals seeking to elevate their knowledge and proficiency in entrance matting systems, COBA Africa’s CPD presentations offer a pathway to informed decision-making and enhanced workplace performance. Discover the difference that the right entrance matting system can make—choose COBA Africa as your trusted CPD provider.

Sandisha Juggpall

Product Specification Specialist

Architectural Specifications and CPD Presentations

Sandisha Juggpall