We are so excited about this project.  Arjen Visscher, Mpho (Gift) Lethetsa, and Granville Williams arrived in Mauritius early Monday morning 17 October where they then travelled to Centrepoint in Trianon.

Centrepoint is located in the centre of Mauritius, hence the name. This exclusive mall will be opening in mid-November, offering rental of various Retail and Office spaces. With 5,000 m2 of retail space and 14,500 m2 of commercial office space in phase 1, and 8,800 m2 of residential space in phase 2, it was essential for this project to have the correct Entrance Matting System installed. 

Mauritius Entrance Matting Systems_2
Gift installing Premier Grip


Granville and Gift busy at one of the Entrances installing Premier Track with Grey Alba inserts

Mauritius Entrance Matting Systems_5
Gift installing Premier Track with Grey Alba Inserts

And of course that is why the COBA Africa team traveled to Mauritius.  They installed Entrance Matting Systems at a total of 12 entrances at this centre. For the outside recess areas of these 12 entrances, they specified and installed Premier Grip. For the Inside recess areas, they installed Premier Track with Grey Alba inserts.

This was definitely one of our biggest projects, but who wouldn’t enjoy working in sunny Mauritius for the week?

If you need assistance with choosing the right Entrance Matting System for your business, no matter where you are located, contact the COBA Africa Sales Team at sales@cobaafrica.com.


Arjen, Granville and Gift busy at one of the Entrance installing Premier Track with Grey Alba inserts

Arjen Visscher

Arjen Visscher

Sales Account Manager

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