Siemens, a renowned leader in cutting-edge technologies, are now greeting you with the best in internal and external entrance matting solutions – the DM Aluminium with Woven Insert for external use and the Trio Brush Anthracite for internal applications.

The ideal external solution – DM Aluminium with Woven Insert:

Our DM Aluminium Entrance Matting at Siemens’ is a testament to robust engineering and high-quality craftsmanship. This aluminium matting system is designed for heavy-duty use and is particularly suitable for high-volume footfall in commercial locations. Key features include:

1. Three Surface Options: Choose from Woven Brush, Berber Point, or Alba surface options based on your specific requirements.

2. Durable Linking Joints: The matting system incorporates durable linking joints that enhance ease of handling and fitting.

3. Customisation: Siemens offers customisation options, including custom branding in full colour, allowing businesses to personalise their entrance matting.

4. Moulded Bevelled Edges: The matting system is designed with moulded bevelled edges that not only reduce trip hazards but also facilitate wheeled access.

5. Strength Designation: Boasting a strength designation of 4.6%, the DM Aluminium Entrance Matting is built to withstand heavy usage.

6. Samples for Pre-Qualified Leads and Resellers: We provide samples on request, specifically for pre-qualified leads and resellers, ensuring a firsthand experience of the product’s quality.

Effective Internal Solutions – Trio Brush Anthracite:

COBA Africa’s Trio Brush Anthracite Entrance Mat is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, making it an attractive and hard-wearing solution for internal spaces. Here are the notable features:

1. Textured Polypropylene Fibres: The matting incorporates textured polypropylene fibers, providing excellent scraping and drying action.

2. Versatile Application: Suitable for both interior walkways and reception areas, it serves as a comprehensive dirt-barrier solution.

3. Recessed or Surface Application: Whether for recessed matwells or surface applications, the matting is versatile and adaptable.

4. Optional Edging: We offer optional edging for those who prefer additional customisation.

5. Colour Customisation: Colours are specified with each order, ensuring that the entrance mat complements the aesthetic of its surroundings.

6. Dimensions: With a product height of 10mm and a walk-off height of 6-9mm, it is designed to meet various specifications. The recess preparation height is 8-10mm.

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COBA Africa’s entrance matting solutions at Siemens’ Midrand offices showcase innovation, durability, and customisation. The DM Aluminium and Trio Brush Anthracite options cater to diverse needs, ensuring that businesses can create a welcoming and safe environment while maintaining the high standards associated with the Siemens brand. For those seeking reliable entrance matting solutions, COBA Africa provides a compelling range of choices that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Hubert Grobler

Hubert Grobler

Sales Account Manager

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