Uncle Jo – Tebogo Joseph Louw

After 48 Years of service, Tebogo Joseph Louw, or Uncle Jo as everyone knows him here at COBA Africa, will be giving up the reins to start his well-deserved retirement journey. 

Uncle Jo was born in Alexandra on the 25th of December 1954.  This year he will be celebrating his 68th Birthday. He has been married for many years now and how two sons and two daughters. Not many of us will know this, but he started out his career as a Blaster in mines and then joined the Mat Manufacturing team in 1974 as a Mechanical Assistant. The owner of Mat Manufacturing then started Matco in 1997 where Uncle Jo continued to work.  In 2015 COBA bought Matco and we at COBA Africa were thankful to have Uncle Jo, with his years of knowledge, part of this team. He has worked in different sectors of the business, as well as the Logomat department where he was part of the team that manufactured various Logomats. Truly a man that can work with his hands. After 48 years of working at COBA Africa, we can honestly say that he knows the ins and the outs of this business.

He currently lives in Boksburg and needs to catch 4 Taxis every morning to get to work, which means, he needs to leave home at 4:30 to be on time for work.  When we asked Uncle Jo what his plans for retirement are, he said: “I don’t have any plans really” but we know he will now be able to sleep in a little.

To Uncle Jo, thank you for the many years that you devoted to COBA Africa.  You are part of our growth as a business, and we will truly miss you. Also, congratulations on the wonderful career you built here with us and now your retirement.

Uncle Jo - Mat Manufacturing
Uncle Jo - Pass book
Uncle Jo - year end function