Entrance Matting Solutions for any Centre

We worked together with 4Mat Managed Marketing Solutions on an Entrance Matting System for the N1 City Mall.  The results speak for themselves. Having an Entrance Mat is essential but having the right Entrance Matting System specified for your Business or Shopping Centre is an investment. The N1 City Mall is known as Cape Town’s most convenient shopping centre situated in the Northern Suburbs.  With over 140 stores and restaurants, N1 City Mall offers browsing pleasure, entertainment, dining, and fun for the entire family.

Arjen Visscher, our Cape Town-based Sales Account Manager, and Darren from 4Mat Managed Marketing Solutions have been working closely over the past few years. As they say, “Teamwork makes the dream work”.  With this specific project, 4Mat Managed Marketing Solutions specified our Trio Scraper® Grey – One of the most popular choices in Entrance Matting.

Specified Solutions

Having the correct Entrance Matting System specified for your Business or Shopping centre is important. Should the incorrect system be installed, it will not do the job it is supposed to, or even wear out sooner than anticipated.

Our Trio Scraper® Entrance Matting is ideal for high-traffic areas and can be installed in mat wells or be used as a loose-lay mat with bevelled edging. Finished off with an Anti-Slip latex backing adds to the safety of your entrance.  Should you need to replace a certain section of this matting, you can easily remove individual tiles and replace as needed. Available in 3 colours, Grey, Anthracite and Brown, you are sure to find the solution that will suite your interior.

Well done team!

It is always a pleasure working with our Distributors.  Thank you 4Mat Managed Marketing Solutions, Arjen Visscher, Granville, and the rest of the team for the successful installation of this Entrance Matting System ??

Arjen Visscher

Arjen Visscher

Sales Account Manager

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