In the heart of Cape Town, Standard Bank’s Head Office stands as a beacon of financial excellence. Yet, even institutions of such stature require functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions for everyday challenges. That’s where COBA Africa steps in, collaborating with KBAC to deliver a tailored entrance matting system that elevates both form and function.

Standard Bank’s Civic Centre location faced a common issue: worn-out entrance mats struggling to withstand the relentless foot traffic. Recognising the need for a durable, high-performance solution, they turned to COBA Africa’s trusted distributor, KBAC, for assistance.

The Trio Scraper® Entrance Matting System

Enter the Trio Scraper® Entrance Mat – a pinnacle of high-traffic entrance matting. Crafted to endure heavy use without compromising on effectiveness or style, this matting system was the perfect fit for Standard Bank’s requirements.

The decision was clear: Trio Scraper® Anthracite, renowned for its superior performance in high-traffic areas, was selected to meet Standard Bank’s needs head-on. Its robust construction and anti-slip latex backing ensure safety and longevity, making it an ideal choice for a busy commercial environment.

With KBAC’s expertise and COBA Africa’s dedication to quality, the installation was seamlessly executed, breathing new life into Standard Bank’s entrance. Whether installed in recessed mat wells or as a loose-lay solution with bevelled edging, the Trio Scraper® Entrance Mat promises unmatched durability and functionality.

Key features of the Trio Scraper® Entrance Mat include:

– Superior high-traffic performance: Designed to withstand heavy footfall, ensuring longevity and reliability.

– Flexible installation options: Whether recessed or surface-mounted, with optional edging for added customization.

– Safety-first design: Anti-slip latex backing provides stability and peace of mind.

– Customisable colours: Tailored to complement any aesthetic or branding requirements.

– Versatile application: Suitable for glue-down or lay-to-surface installations, catering to diverse commercial settings.

With a product height of 13mm and a walk-off height ranging from 6 to 9mm, the Trio Scraper® Entrance Mat is engineered to exceed expectations. Its recess preparation height of 10-12mm ensures a seamless fit, making it the go-to solution for high-volume foot traffic in commercial environments.

A great Collaboration

The collaboration between COBA Africa, KBAC, and Standard Bank exemplifies the power of innovative solutions in enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. As Standard Bank welcomes visitors through its doors, they can now do so with confidence, knowing they are greeted by a matting solution that’s as resilient as it is refined.

Arjen Visscher

Arjen Visscher

Sales Account Manager

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