COBA Africa, a leading manufacturer specialising in Entrance Matting Systems, has recently played a pivotal role in enhancing cleanliness and safety at the esteemed Charlotte Maxeke Hospital. The installation of COBA Africa’s top-notch entrance matting solutions underscores a commitment to creating a hygienic and secure environment for both staff and visitors.

The best for internal, recessed Entrance Matting:

The Berber Point is one of these featured products with Rubber Backing, a recessed entrance mat designed for internal use. Crafted with textured stain proof Miracle Fibre (polypropylene) and Eco Fibre Blend, this mat delivers outstanding scraper action, effectively removing dirt and debris. Its non-slip gripper back ensures stability in high-traffic areas, making it popular for interior walkways and reception areas. The mat’s versatility extends to recessed matwells in entrance areas, providing a comprehensive dirt-barrier solution. The Berber Point is available with optional edging, and colours are customisable with each order. With a product height ranging from 6-9mm, it’s suitable for glue-down or lay-to-surface applications. The tiles clip together seamlessly, facilitating easy transportation, installation, and maintenance.

Effective exterior Entrance Matting Solutions:

COBA Africa’s Premier Grip Dark Grey with PVC Edging is a loose lay external mat that excels in both indoor and outdoor settings. Comprising 100% recycled PVC interlocking tiles, this mat is not only environmentally friendly but also offers dirt-scraping raised nodules for effective cleaning. The small holes in the design ensure efficient drainage, making it suitable for various weather conditions. Premier Grip Dark Grey is easily installed, cleaned, and maintained, providing a hassle-free solution for cleanliness and safety. Additionally, it is fire-tested to EN13501 Euro Classification B(F1)S1, meeting stringent safety standards. This mat seamlessly links with other COBA Africa products such as Premier Track and Premier Star Gripper, offering a cohesive and integrated matting solution.

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COBA Africa’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability is evident in its entrance matting solutions. The installation of Berber Point and Premier Grip Dark Grey at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital reflects a strategic approach to creating a cleaner, safer, and more welcoming environment. As a trusted name in the matting industry, COBA Africa continues to contribute to the improvement of healthcare facilities and various commercial spaces worldwide.

Hubert Grobler

Hubert Grobler

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