Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Helderberg region, Somerset West’s Waterstone Village is renowned for providing an exceptional shopping experience. As part of our commitment to enhancing this experience, COBA Africa, in partnership with our esteemed distributor, PITS Paint from Paarl, is thrilled to announce an exciting upgrade to the entrance walk-off mats at Waterstone Village.

The Noble FM Group Chooses COBA Africa’s Trio Scraper Brown

Recognizing the need for a high-quality, high-traffic entrance solution, The Noble FM Group has selected COBA Africa’s Trio Scraper Brown as their preferred choice. This decision aligns perfectly with our mission to offer superior entrance matting systems that redefine convenience and safety.

Key Features of Trio Scraper Brown Entrance Matting

1. Superior High-Traffic Performance: Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, Trio Scraper Brown ensures a clean and safe entrance, making it ideal for commercial locations with bustling footfall.

2. Versatile Installation: This matting system can be seamlessly installed in recessed mat wells or placed loosely with bevelled edging, offering flexibility in design and placement.

3. Anti-Slip Latex Backing: Safety is a top priority. Trio Scraper Brown features an anti-slip latex backing, providing stability and preventing accidents.

4. Customisation Options: At COBA Africa, we understand that every space is unique. Colours for the Trio Scraper Brown can be specified with each order, allowing you to match your matting to your decor seamlessly.

5. Easy Application: Whether you prefer glue-down or lay-to-surface applications, Trio Scraper Brown is designed for hassle-free installation, ensuring a swift upgrade to your entrance area.

6. Height Specifications: The product boasts a height of 13mm, with a walk-off height of 6-9mm. Recess preparation height falls within the range of 10-12mm, ensuring a perfect fit for your entrance area.

Upgrade your entrance area with COBA Africa’s Trio Scraper Brown entrance matting and create a welcoming and safe environment for your patrons.

Well done to the COBA Africa team

At COBA Africa, we specialise in entrance matting systems, rubber flooring, and protective flooring solutions. Our dedication to quality and innovation makes us the trusted choice for businesses looking to elevate their spaces. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive range of products and how we can enhance your establishment’s aesthetics, safety, and functionality.

Arjen Visscher

Arjen Visscher

Sales Account Manager

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