With an extensive range of over 200 retail stores, Clearwater Mall demands the perfect Entrance Matting Systems to not only endure but thrive amidst the continuous stream of foot traffic.

Collaborating closely with Hyprop Investments Ltd., we identified the ideal solution: the Trio Brush Anthracite. This choice seamlessly complements the modern and pristine shopping environment. A project of considerable scale, spanning 9 entrances—5 on the upper level and 4 on the lower—made it not just a task, but a thoroughly enjoyable project!

The Trio Brush Entrance Matting range at a glance

Our Trio Brush Entrance Matting collection impeccably marries function with style. Crafted with innovation, these textured polypropylene mats are a masterpiece redefining the interior, from walkways to reception zones. These mats ingeniously combine textured polypropylene fibres, woven brush strips, and polyamide strips, resulting in an exceptional synergy that guarantees unmatched scraping and drying efficiency. Engineered to be an impervious barrier against dirt and moisture, these mats emerge as the definitive solution for upholding pristine spaces.

Their versatility effortlessly extends to recessed matwells in entrance areas, seamlessly integrating into diverse architectural designs. Tailored for both recessed matwells and surface applications, they feature bevelled edging options that infuse a touch of finesse into their functionality. The availability of optional edging further amplifies their adaptability, catering to various settings.

Customisation is key, with these mats offering a canvas of possibilities—colours can be specified with each order, tailoring them to individual preferences. Beyond design, their adaptability shines in their compatibility with both glue-down and lay-to-surface applications, enhancing installation flexibility. With a product height of 10mm and a walk-off height spanning from 6 to 9mm, they strike an optimal balance between comfort and efficacy.

Need a matting solution for your entrance?

Well done to Hubert Grobler, Gift, and the installation team with the successful installation of these Entrance Matting Systems. Reach out to us today to schedule a site visit. Allow us to pinpoint and recommend the ultimate Entrance Matting System for your business. Your entrance deserves nothing less than the best!

Hubert Grobler

Hubert Grobler

Sales Account Manager

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