Let us create a custom-made

logomat for your Business

Linda has been designing and creating Logo Mats for various COBA Africa customers for more than 5 years.  No matter the size of the logomat, or the difficulty of the design, he never disappoints. Together with the manufacturing team, they pay attention to even the smallest details of any logo.

 A logomat is an easy way to enhance your brand’s appearance and ensure that you leave a lasting impression. 

Spectra Clean logo Mat
Laerskool Wierdapark – Spectra Clean Logomat
Super Contract Fall logo Mat
Pepsico – Super Contract Fall Logomat
Super Contract Fall Logo mat
The Palazzo – Super Contract Fall Logomat

Matting options for your logomat

When it comes to a logo mat, you need to ensure that it is practical as well.  As it will be used as an Entrance mat, durability is key and of course, it should be easy to clean as well.  Luckily you have various options to choose from, each with its unique benefits.  

Berberpoint Logomats is made from textured stainproof miracle fibres & eco fibre blends that provide you with outstanding scraper properties.  It is durable and is made with a non-slip gripper backing. Available in sophisticated colours and some playful, bright colours to create the perfect logo mat.

Similar to the Berberpoint, you can also choose a Spectra clean logo mat especially if you have a colourful logo design. The texture top surface provides you with outstanding scrubbing action whilst absorbing moisture to save your floors from dirty footprints.  A stylish option, yet very practical.

If you are looking for something a bit more unique and distinctive, then a Cushion Fall logomat is just for you.  The soft, compounded PVC looped surface traps dirt, debris, and moisture, all while also being durable.

Our Super contract Fall logomats are very similar to our Cushion Fall logomats, but has an open backing to allow dirt to fall through, making it easier to clean. Also available in various fun and vibrant colours to create the perfect logo mat for your business.

Other options for you to choose from is a Trio Brush Logomat and Trio Scraper Logomat that will provide you with a more sophisticated look. For something a bit more natural and classic, take a look at our Natural Coir Logomat.

Super Contract Fall Logo mat
Crookes Brothers – Super Contract Fall Logo mat
Cushion Fall logo mat
Shell – Cushion Fall Logo Mat
Super Contract Fall Logo Mat
Karan Beef – SuperContract Fall Logo Mat
Spectra Clean logo mat
Body Tonic – Spectra Clean Logomat

Design it yourself or let us Design it for you!

Meet Linda, our Logomat designer.  He has been with the company for 5 years and has truly mastered the art of logomats. Once he created the full-scale design, it gets prepped, and he then sends it through for products.

Want to try it out for yourself?  Take a look at our Logomat designer and design your own logo mat. But don’t worry, Linda will still be able to assist you with the final design for production!  To order your logomat, contact our sales team at sales@cobaafrica.com.

Linda profile image - Logo Designer

Lindokuhle Magagula

Logomat Designer

Lindokuhle has been with the COBA Africa team for over 5 years. Send through your logo and let him create the perfect logo mat for your Business.