Simple and Modern Entrance Matting

The ideal spot for any business – commence square is situated in Sandhurst near Rosebank and Sandton. This commercial office hub has 5 separate buildings, linked together through smart exterior Architecture. The only element this office still needed was Entrance Matting Systems.

The crisp and modern Architectural lines of the building made the Trio Scraper Grey the ideal fit for this project. Although all 3 of the Trio Scraper colours would have worked with this project, there is just something about the Grey that adds to the modern feel of these buildings.

Trio Scraper Grey Entrance Mat
Trio Scraper Grey installed at various entrances
Trio Scraper Grey Entrance Mat
Trio Scraper Grey up close
Trio Scraper Grey Entrance Mat
Trio Scraper Grey installed at linked passages

Why we love the Trio Scraper Entrance Matting

The Trio Scraper matting range has a simple and elegant design and is available in 3 colours – Grey, Anthracite, and Brown. What makes this matting spectacular is the versatility of the material. It can be used as a loose lay mat with bevelled edging, or as a lay-to-surface mat with added edging (as done with this project), or can be installed in matwells. It can even be used as part of your logo mat.

But most importantly, this matting system is designed to withstand superior high traffic in commercial locations. The superior scraping capabilities of the Trio Scraper range make this one of the most popular choices to use as an Entrance Matting System.

Choosing the RIGHT Entrance Matting Systems

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Contact our team of specialists and let them assist in specifying the Right Mat, the First Time.

Well done Team!

Well done Hubert, the team from Kyalami Flooring, and the installation team on the fantastic outcome of this project. We cannot wait to work with you again

Hubert Grobler

Hubert Grobler

Sales Account Manager

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