We are back from Mozambique and happy to report it was a great success ????

Arjen Visscher and the team from ISO Flooring spent a week in Mozambique with the delivery and installation of 32 logo mats for the Bank of Mozambique. Now that is how you invest in a brand and ensure you leave a lasting impression on your clients!

Banco de Moçambique was established in 1975 and is to this day still the central bank of the Republic of Mozambique with the main objective of preserving the national currency. With a population of over 33 million people, we can only imagine the amount of traffic moving through this building each day. Naturally, we specified the Spectra Clean matting material for this project, and we must say, the results speak for themselves.

Benefits of a logomat

Logo mats combine branding, functionality, and aesthetics, a real investment to any business. Other than adding to your branding and recognition, it also adds that professional appearance to any business. A simple, yet effective Marketing and Promotional activity that will increase your brand awareness significantly.

Logomats are also practical as it protects your flooring from dirt, debris, and moisture with walk-in traffic which makes adds to the safety of your building. A good logo mat will have slip-resistant backing that improves traction reducing the risk of trips, falls, and slips. With various colours and matting materials to choose from, you can customise your logo mat with your personalised logo to match your Company’s Identity.

Spectra Clean Logo Mats

If you want to make an impact, then the Spectra Clean matting is the ideal choice for your Logomat. the textured top surface provides outstanding scrubbing action that removes all dirt from footwear and successfully absorbs moisture. With over 25 colours to choose from, we will definitely be able to create your logomat to spec.

the PVC non-slip backing ensures that your logomat will stay in the right spot and reduces the risk of slips and trips. It can absorb up to 1.5 litre per m2 leaving your floors moisture free.

Well done team!

Well done Arjen Visscher, and ISO flooring on this successful project! We look forward to the next one.

Arjen Visscher

Arjen Visscher

Sales Account Manager

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