What is Rubber Matting used for?

Rubber matting is mostly used as essential safety flooring equipment to increase comfort underfoot, provide relief from fatigue, prevent slipping and absorb impact. Rubber matting can be used in a number of different locations and applications, from factory matting to stable flooring. This type of matting is popular due to its’ durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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Where is rubber matting used?

Industrial Environments – Many of our anti fatigue mats are manufactured from 100% natural rubber or feature a percentage, combined with PVC or Nitrile, depending on the application – see our chemical capability guide to find the right matting for your environment. Rubber anti fatigue mats are mostly used in factories and industrial environments, where workers stand for the majority of the day. The matting helps to prevent standing fatigue, increase standing comfort by providing underfoot cushioning and promote subtle foot movement. Rubber mats can also feature drainage holes and anti-slip gritted surface finishes.

StablesStable matting is manufactured from natural rubber and suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. This type of rubber matting provides insulation, cushioning underfoot for joints, and improved grip for horses and other livestock.

Gyms and Leisure CentresGym matting is designed to create comfort and safety while working out. We have two different options available. Both manufactured from natural rubber:

  • Sport-Tile is popular for gym floor areas and used to absorb the impact of heavy equipment. The tiles also help to reduce noise levels and provide grip underfoot when walking around equipment.
  • Weightroom Mat is extremely hardwearing, providing superior floor protection from dropped weights. The mats are ideal for areas where weights are used and are effective in reducing noise levels.

EntrancesOutdoor entrance mats are often manufactured from nitrile rubber, for their hard wearing and resilience. The mats often feature raised scrapers to scrape dirt and debris from footwear.

Switchboard roomsSwitchboard matting provides essential protection in high voltage areas. We have three different options available, manufactured from rubber to safely protect operatives from electrical shocks. All of the mats also provide traction underfoot to prevent slips.

Manufacturing facilitiesESD Matting effectively protects human operatives and sensitive components from static electricity. Manufactured from rubber and supplied with one 10mm stud, the mats conform to IEC 61340-4-1, providing protection from electrostatic discharge. We have mats designed for use on workbenches and floors, with good slip resistance and high wear ratings.

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