Oil and Chemical Resistant Workplace Mats Guide

Which workplace mats are suitable as anti-slip mats for workplaces with lubricants and oil?

workplace slips

All mats with slip resistance according to DIN 51130 are suitable to use as anti-slip mats. The test according to this standard, measures the slip resistance after application of engine oil. Therefore, mats tested according to DIN 51130 are also suitable as anti-slip mats for working environments where oil and lubricants are handled.

Anti-fatigue mats and workplace matting offer many advantages. However, when it comes to working environments where oils, lubricants and other chemicals are used, workplace mats must have special properties to be effective.

Find out more about slip resistance and slip safety according to DIN 51097 and DIN 51130 in our guide, you’ll learn:

  • What is slip resistance according to DIN 51130?
  • How is it tested?
  • What is the classification for slip resistance?

Where is safety matting used?

Historically, safety matting is used at workplaces where oil, lubricants, or other liquids are used, as they allow good drainage and offer good slip resistance due to their surfaces. These industrial mats should be flexible so that they can be easily moved for cleaning, the industrial mat itself, and the floor beneath. See our tips for how to choose mats for oily work stations.


More than 40 years ago, COBA Europe was one of the first manufacturers in Europe to start producing safety matting with COBAmat. A simple but effective industrial mat that has distinguished itself from the beginning with its high quality. Many manufacturers still offer mats of this type, but COBA Europe have always aimed to offer the highest quality. The struts of this workplace mat are still hand-woven and not welded, which is the case with other mats in the market. This, albeit labour-intensive process, increases the flexibility and durability of the mat, creating a superior product.

Workplace mats such as those from the COBAmat range are ideal for environments where oil or other liquids are used. However, industrial mats of this type offer little comfort from standing and are therefore less suitable as anti-fatigue mats.

COBAmat | Our original workplace safety mats.

  • Ideal for environments where oil and lubricants are used.
  • Slip resistance R10 according to DIN 51130.

What materials are oil-resistant workplace mats made of?

When choosing an oil-resistant workplace mat, it is not only the resistance to oil that should be considered. Due to the cleaning agents used in these working environments, such as petroleum ether, a good level of resistance to a range of chemicals beneficial.

Workplace mats made of PVC offer good resistance to oil and other chemicals. Most classic industrial mats are made of this material.

Oil-resistant workplace mats and anti-fatigue mats

Oil-resistant workplace mats and industrial grids with very good drainage

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