Importance of Cleaning & Maintenance of an entrance mat

Entrance mats are an important addition to any building type and can have various benefits if maintained properly. Due to the post-COVID economic situation, companies have become wary of spending and prefer to invest in methods that could save them money in the long run. At COBA we fully understand this dilemma, we ensure that we stick to the moral of our slogan: ‘More than just Matting’, as we try and find solutions for each situation that are cost-effective.

Replacing an entrance mat is an investment and budgets don’t always allow for such expenses. This is why the COBA team like to inform our customers about the benefits of cleaning and maintaining to maximise your mats useful life.

Troubleshooting your entrance mat

To ensure that your entrance mat is properly maintained the first question to ask is what application will the mat be used for? If a proper analysis is done by an expert, you will be able to install the best solution for your entrance. This will allow you to use the mat effectively for a longer period of time.

Our trained team of experts will be able to do a site survey to assist you, as there are numerous aspects to keep in mind before installing any entrance mat. Correct specification and installation will enable you to properly maintain the mat going forward.

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Foot traffic is obviously responsible for the most wear of entrance mats. If high traffic volumes are expected, then a more robust mat might be necessary to protect internal flooring. The type of traffic also plays a role in the type of entrance mat you should install.

Ask yourself:

  • Are the people entering your building wearing high heels?
  • Does the entrance mat allow someone in a wheelchair to easily move over the mat?
  • Are there trollies that get pushed over the mat?
  • Are there cars driving over the mat?
  • Are there forklifts driving over the mat?

Each unique application requires an expert opinion on what the best solution is.

Shopping centers in particular, have to consider a variety of traffic as the majority of shopping centers receive high traffic volumes, have heeled shoppers entering, shopping trollies are pushed over the mat, the entrance needs to be wheelchair friendly and sometimes cars have to drive over the mat also, if for example cars are being showcased inside the shopping center

If these factors aren’t taken into account the wrong type of mat could be installed, which is not designed for the application. The entrance mat could lift or tear, causing a trip hazard.

A warehouse entrance would not necessarily have the same traffic as a shopping center. These factors would need to be considered:

  • How heavy are the forklifts using the entrance?
  • How often do the forklifts enter the warehouse?

Check out our Superdry Heavy Traffic for your warehouse entrance.


The amount of moisture a mat will come into contact with needs to be considered. This would change according to the location and where the mat will be placed, as well as the shape of the entrance.

Some areas might be exposed to more wet weather than others and require mats with better drainage and anti-slip properties, than what a dry environment would require. Humidity can also affect the moisture absorbency of the mat.

The shape of a building can also impact how much moisture the mat is required to handle. If the building does not provide sufficient shelter at the entrance, internal entrance mats can be exposed to rain. It’s important to keep in mind that the mat is designed for interior use, it cannot handle the amount of water it will absorb if too exposed. This can cause the mat to become soggy and turn into a slip hazard.

The above image was taken at a mall entrance where the shopping center laid down cardboard boxes to absorb moisture before entering the mall, as the building did not provide sufficient coverage over the entrance area. This created an unappealing look to the entrance and could have been avoided with the correct external drainage mat for an entrance that has no cover from the rain.


The location of the building is not only affected by moisture, but also the amount of dust in the area. If the building is close to a desert, beach, or construction site, there is a tendency for dust to gather on surfaces and needs to be scraped off by an entrance mat to keep internal flooring clean.

The more dust and dirt in the area the more often the mat needs to be cleaned to maintain performance.

The entrance mat might be doing an exceptional job of collecting dust and debris as shown below, but without maintaining or cleaning the mat, customers would be forced to replace the mat as the mat would be beyond repair. This affects the longevity of the mat and shortened the replacement period.

Stop dirt at the door with our zoned entrance matting. 90% of walked-in dirt is removed by effective zoned entrance matting. Our elegant range of entrance matting elevates your entrance while preventing the ingress of dirt and moisture.


The correct adhesive needs to be used and reapplied if needed, to avoid a tear in the mat caused by high footfall traffic. If a mat is installed on an angle the chances of the mat coming loose is higher. A loose mat can affect the wear and tear of the mat.

The adhesive goes hand-in-hand with the type of traffic. If the customer states that only people enter through that specific entrance, then the customer must be aware of the risk it would pose to the longevity of the mat and the adhesive if a car would cross over the mat.

These are some of the basic factors that can affect the life span of entrance mats. Maintaining the mat from the start will assist in avoiding early replacement and in turn will decrease costs.

Cleaning and maintenance of an entrance mat

Often cleaning a mat is neglected and can leave it beyond repair, as it will no longer look appealing or have the ability to scrape off dirt and debris effectively.

With the right matting in place, a well-planned strategy for regular mat cleaning and maintenance, you can expect more positive outcomes:

  • Optimum product performance.
  • Increased product lifespan.
  • Good return on investment.

Not only is cleaning a mat imperative to the longevity of the mat but also cleaning the mat the right way is essential. Each mat requires a specific cleaning method that avoids damage and provides optimum performance.

Stain removal

This guide does not only assist with general cleaning, but also provides expert advice on stain removal.

Removal of spots and spills is inevitable and the golden rule is to deal with these as soon as possible for maximum effectiveness. Depending on each stain, removal products and techniques will vary and in most cases, it is recommended that a professional cleaning company with specialist stain technicians is contacted. Handheld spot vacuum cleaning equipment can be useful for the swift sucking up of spilled liquids.

How to clean entrance mat tiles

COBA’s entrance tile products allow for easy tile replacement without the need to invest in an entirely new system should they become stained or damaged.

The simplicity of this interlocking tile system makes cleaning easy.

Premier Star Gripper Plus Tiles – the 100% recycled PVC option with open holes – allows dirt to fall through the mat so simply lift and sweep or vacuum the area underneath. Should the matting itself need cleaning, then hose or pressure wash as required.

Premier Track – PVC with carpet insert – the tiles can be easily rolled and moved allowing for vacuuming of dirt and debris either in the recessed floor well or floor surface depending on the installation method. Regular vacuuming the matting surface is recommended to remove soil and loose debris. Please note when using the Hot Water Extraction method it is recommended to keep the tile connected and in situ. It is, however, possible to lift the entire matting out of the well, without disconnecting the tiles if preferred.

Tips on cleaning Coir matting

A completely different cleaning method is needed for other entrance mats, for example, cleaning a coir mat we would recommend not lifting the mat. Dirt and debris get stuck between the bristles of the coir mat making it heavier, if the mat is picked up and shacked out before vacuuming, it could cause a tear.

Check out our Ultimate Guide on Coir matting for more information

This ‘how to clean entrance matting’ guide has been compiled to assist COBA’s customers in developing an effective cleaning and maintenance program for their various entrance mat systems and doormats. Installation methods vary according to the entrance matting choice, but will either be fitted in recessed mat-wells or laid to the floor surface, as a conventional loose floor mat.

We at COBA understand that a professional clean is needed on a quarterly basis (depending on the traffic), thus we have invested time in finding our customers the best possible solution and avoid our customers from having to replace their mats.

COBA Africa is now able to provide you with a cleaning quote for your specific entrance mat. Ensuring a cost-effective solution.

Contact our dedicated sales team to get a quote on cleaning your entrance mat.


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