How to Prevent Trip Hazards with Cable Protectors

Cable Protectors

What are cable protectors?

Products that offer protection against crushed wires and cables are often referred to as cable protectors. These types of protectors are often manufactured from flexible, yet durable PVC. In order to fit different requirements, the protectors are available in a number of lengths from 3 metres to 9 metres. They not only provide protection for what they cover, but also prevent trip accidents where wires and cables would have previously trailed loosely across a room or outdoor space.

How to stop people tripping over cables and wires?

Person tripping over cable protector

Cable protectors are essential for preventing trip hazards created by trailing wires and cables, individuals could also be protected from an electrical shock. To prevent these kinds of trips in the workplace the HSE recommend to:

look out for trip hazards, such as uneven floors or trailing cables, and encourage good housekeeping by your workers.

Regular health and safety audits will also ensure any problems are taken care of.

Another important factor is the protection provided for wires, cables and computer cords from being crushed or pulled. Most cable protectors feature sloped edges to further prevent accidents and buckling of wheeled traffic, such as wheelchairs and trolleys.

The aesthetic of a room can also be improved, due to messy cables being concealed. Something else to consider is that these types of trip accidents can result in legal action, so it’s essential to get cable protectors installed where required.

What are the key features of cable protectors?

  • Easy to fit install, loose lay.
  • High visibility options with yellow strips.
  • Manufactured from durable PVC.
  • Channel opening on the reverse to conceal wires or cables.
  • Most are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

Where can indoor cable protectors be used?

  • Suitable for all indoor facilities.
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Public spaces.
  • Our cable protector mats are only suitable for indoor use, they act as lightweight cable floor protectors.

How to choose the best indoor cable protectors?

  • If increased visibility is a priority, you’ll want to ensure the protectors have hazard stripes.
  • You may also want to consider if the cables being protected travel in the same direction. If not, then a cable protector with multiple cable channels will be more suitable. Depending on the size of each cable or wire, more than one can be secured in each channel.
  • It’s recommended to safely protect larger cables with the most appropriate protector with larger channels.
  • Entry-level cable protection starts with a cable protector mat. These mats are easy to install by simply laying them over loose cables or wires. Key features include a cleated non-slip backing made from durable nitrile rubber with an integrated cable run. Cable protector mats are also anti-static and suitable to be used over underfloor heating. The hazard edging provides extra protection against trip hazards.

Where can outdoor cable protectors be used?

  • Events
  • Shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Loading bays
  • Construction sites
  • Indoor industrial environments
  • Outdoor high traffic areas

How can you protect outdoor cables and prevent trip accidents?

Outdoor cable management ensures that cables and wires are protected from being crushed, pulled and worn down by wheeled and pedestrian traffic. Often in outdoor spaces individuals do not expect to come across trialling cables, so they are easily missed resulting in trip accidents. It’s essential that they are concealed and protected with heavy duty cable protectors designed for outdoor use. If inappropriate protectors are used, that are not designed for outdoor use, the risk level will not be reduced effectively.

Factors to consider when selecting outdoor cable protectors

  • Will cars or forklifts or other heavy wheeled traffic pass over the cables?
  • Do the protectors have sloped edges to prevent pedestrians from tripping?

Cable Protectors

  • General purpose cable mat for use indoors only:
  • All-purpose cable protectors ideal for indoor and outdoor use:
  • Heavy duty cable protector option, which is ideal for wheeled traffic or larger cables outdoors:

If you are still not sure about which type of Cable Protector to opt for you can contact our friendly sales team to provide you with their expert opinion.

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