How to choose an anti-fatigue mat?

Per week, more than half of all employees in production and warehousing spend more than 20 hours of working time standing up. Standing workplaces often lead to pain in the legs, back area, circulatory disorders, and other often long-lasting health problems.

These clinical pictures are summarized under the term MSE (musculoskeletal disorders), and the cause is often workplace-related fatigue.

Understanding and preventing MSDs

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Anti-fatigue mats help prevent the development of musculoskeletal disorders at standing workplaces. They stimulate the vein-calf pump, thus promoting blood circulation and preventing fatigue at standing workplaces.

Why anti-fatigue mats?

Anti-fatigue mats belong to the field of occupational safety as personal protective equipment. They reduce health hazards for employees and contribute to lower sick leave and increased productivity, especially in industrial production and warehouses, where people often stand on hard concrete floors. The use of ergonomic workplace mats offers extraordinary advantages.

Ergonomic mats for the industry are offered in different material compositions to adapt to the requirements of different types of standing workplaces. It is crucial to pay attention to whether the material of the industrial mats is suitable for the respective workplace, especially when it comes to resistance to oils and chemicals, used in the food industry or fire protection, according to DIN EN 13501-1.


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What are the advantages of an anti-fatigue mat?

Like any classic workplace mat, it provides insulation against hard and cold industrial floors. Additionally, anti-fatigue mats (due to the nature of the material) stimulate the vein-calf pump; thus, promoting blood circulation and preventing work-related fatigue.


Advantages of an ergonomic workstation mat at standing workstations:

  • Cushioning against hard floors, making standing work more comfortable.
  • Stimulation of blood circulation and cardiovascular system.
  • Promote better posture by distributing pressure between both feet.
  • Reduction of work-related fatigue.
  • Prevention of chronic pain.
  • Reduced risk of falls and slips.
  • Thermal insulation against cold floors.
  • Floor protection by absorbing shocks.

What criteria to consider when choosing the right anti-fatigue mat?

The purchase of anti-fatigue mats is an investment in the safety and health of your employees. With our campaign “Right Mat, First Time“, our experts will be happy to help you find the right workplace mats for your requirements and thus protect your investment and your employees.

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Safety and anti-fatigue mats

The safety of your employees is always paramount, so anti-fatigue mats should meet the following criteria:

  • The mat should cover the entire work area.
  • It should not slip or shift, and it should rest smoothly on the floor.
  • Bevelled edges reduce the risk of falling and tripping and allow the use of tool trolleys or pallet trucks in the work area.


Thickness and softness of the ergonomic workplace mat

More does not always mean better. It depends on the different factors:  load profile, duration of the load, intensity, and individual perception to find the perfect anti-fatigue mat for different work areas.

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Working environments in which the mat is used

In humid environments, or where oils and lubricants are used, the mat must be slip-resistant and should be tested for slip resistance according to DIN 51130. An open surface provides good drainage and allows liquids to run through.

In dry environments, the anti-fatigue mat can have a closed surface and use a studded or tear plate surface to improve stability.

For working environments with special hygiene standards, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, food processing, or kitchens, the material must be selected to meet the appropriate standards.

Anti-fatigue mats for hazardous areas

Standing workstations that can put people and/or materials at risk due to ESD or high voltage need mats especially suited for this purpose. We offer a selection of ESD mats to prevent the dangers of static discharge and insulation mats for high voltage areas.

The selection of an anti-fatigue mat, like any investment in your company and occupational health and safety, should be based on a sound analysis of needs. This is the only way to select the right product that will provide you with the maximum number of benefits to your employees and company.

With over 40 years of experience as a manufacturer and distributor for the industry in standing workstation mats, we are always happy to assist you in making the right investment decision.

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